60FM Mulcher

The Model 60FM is a high-power mowing and mulching attachment that utilizes similar mulching technology found on Bandit's popular line of The Beast® horizontal grinders. It has a mowing width of 60 inches, a maximum width of 75.25 inches, and it attaches to skid steer loaders in seconds via quick-attach plate.


72FM Mulcher

The Bandit® Model 72FM high-power mulching head is an easy-to-use skid steer attachment that’s ideally suited for land and right-of-way clearing, trail maintenance, and selective forest thinning. It features raker style teeth that regulate the cut, and with a vertical reach of over 5 feet it can topple trees, grinds down the stumps, then mulch the felled material straight into the soil.


Bandit Stump Gun

The Stump Gun is an innovative, low-maintenance and cost-effective stump grinding solution for landscapers, arborists, land clearing professionals and dedicated stump grinding crews who use a skid steer loader. The Stump Gun attaches to skid steer loaders in seconds via quick attach plate and uses the skid steer’s hydraulic power to quickly and efficiently grind stumps. It can grind to a depth of 22 inches, and because it grinds vertically, it can aggressively remove large diameter stumps in a matter of minutes.

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