The 9-inch capacity Bandit® Model 95XP was specifically designed to handle difficult-to-process fibrous material like palm fronds and vines. While most disc-style chippers have a cutting disc mounted on an approximate 45-degree angle, the Model 95XP chips perpendicular to the material entering the chipper. A single feed wheel allows the feed system to be mounted close to the disc, delivering better cuts while reducing the likelihood of vines or stringy material getting wrapped around the disc.

Key Features and Options

  • 345-degree rotating discharge chute
  • 90-degree chipping angle
  • Gas or Diesel engines available
  • Reversing auto feed
  • Wide 9" x 17" throat opening
  • Optional hydraulic feed wheel lift cylinder
  • Optional 270-degree hydraulic swivel discharge
  • Optional hydraulic winch

Product Details

Machine weights, feed rates, and other specifications are approximate and will vary depending on options selected.
All Specifications are subject to change.

Standard Metric
Capacity 9 in 22.86 cm
Opening 17 in  x  9 in 43.18 cm  x  22.86 cm
Width 72 in 182.88 cm
Height 98 in 248.92 cm
Length (Open) 198 in 502.92 cm
Length (Closed) 168 in 426.72 cm
Weight 5000 lbs 2267.96 kg
Feed Rate 90 ft/min 27.43 m/min
Fuel Tank 24.50 gl 92.74 l
Hydraulic Tank 7 gl 26.49 l

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