Josh T. Key, President and Owner of Beech Island Timber & Construction, has been actively engaged in the leadership, profitability and sustainability of South Carolina logging since he founded his company in 1985.


BANDIT and Beech Island Timber: Leading Logger Chipping with Bandit Fleet



Well respected by his employees and his industry peers, Key is always looking for equipment that meets his exacting standards for durability, safety, ease of maintenance, and the production of a high-quality end product. That's why Josh has relied on Bandit Whole-Tree Chippers exclusively since he began chipping in 2010. His fleet currently includes a 2590, a 3090 (a 2009 model that has been meticulously maintained!), and a 3590. These highly productive machines, under the skilled operation of his all-star crews, allow Key and team to continue forging ahead - advancing the profitability, sustainability, and quality of South Carolina logging for the benefit of their families and communities.




Bandit whole tree chippers throw chips with tremendous velocity, fully packing the largest trailers without the need for power-robbing auxiliary chip throwers. Even outfitted with a dedicated micro chip drum producing ¼” micro chips, Bandit whole tree chippers fill trailers faster while producing a better end-product. Choose from disc or drum-style with capacities ranging from 18” to 36."